[Sanxia]The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort

The Great Roots integrates a beauty spa with one of Taiwan's signatures, a primitive subtropical rainforest environment at low elevation. During the awareness journey, the team of professionals lead high-energy activities, such as active stretching and sensory awakening, and serve delicious meals, making it suitable for family travel or business meetings.

Great Roots Aerobic Adventure Body Q-series/Happy Stepping Stone

We demonstrate simple self-acupressure procedures that open up the universe of heaven and earth within the body and improve oxygen transport and toxin elimination. There are fun mini-activities for participants to discover little secrets to happiness and seek health treasures with new friends in the forest.

Active Stretching

Correct stretching exercises increase joints’ range of motion and muscle elasticity, improve bad posture, strengthen body coordination, and thereby improve circulation.

Savor Nutritious and Delicious Food

Through meditation, sensitivity of the senses may be increased, thus helping one to let go of preconceptions and taste the original flavors of food.

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