[Hsinchu]The One Nanyuan

The One Nanyuan incorporated a unique humanistic style in the largest garden located in the mountains of Hsinchu. This is where experts discuss healthcare and demonstrate exercises for stress management and sleep improvement, paired with great-tasting, low-calorie cuisines for physical–spiritual relaxation. It is truly a laid-back Awareness Journey.

Mental Relaxation and Physical Stretching Detox Exercises

In addition to slow movement and slow food, slow exercise is also a great approach. Simple exercises that improve muscle elasticity are easy to follow, they open your mind as you exercise the body.

Taste with Heart/A Sensory Journey

Using natural ingredients and healthy oil, a team of professionals guide you through hands-on activities to experience the beauty of food. In a therapeutic atmosphere, we practice opening the five senses and six feelings to attain an association between the self and nature, between physical and mental energy.

Happiness Formula Time Capsule

In a boundless green landscape, experts will lead you to rediscover the rhythm of happiness in your heart through integrating beautiful Eastern Art in simple handcraft activities.

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