[Beijing]Healthconn Imperial Tour

The venue will be an incorporation of 2014 APEC meeting and 2017 Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum, with reference to the Beijing Yanqi Lake President Building and local natural landscape. A team of professionals deciphers foot codes and guides activities -such as relaxation techniques, good sleep activities, and underwater aerobics- while also serving meals of local delicacies to not only help participants relax but also develop heartfelt happiness from the LOHAS experience.

Listening to The Sounds of The Body

The team of professionals helps you unlock the passcode to your body and provide exclusive healthy living advices to reverse your age and further accompany you into the sanctuary of health.

The Foot of a Thousand Miles  Foot Assessment

A team of professionals helps you decipher the codes of your feet to help steady your every step and prepare you for long-term health, a journey of a thousand miles that only starts when a first step is taken.

Relax and Sleep as Soundly as a Baby

Guided by the team of professionals through physically and mentally calming music,   you will regain sleep quality as good as a baby’s.

Underwater Aerobics

Using water’s properties of resistance and buoyancy, we provide you with a unique underwater aerobic exercise course.

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