Mission & Vision



Take data technology as the core to improve accurate detection, we are committed to preventing diseases and promoting the health of the whole person.



The leader of the global health service ecosystem.

Health Advancing with Time


Comprehensive analytical results based on lifestyle data yielded by technologies, interdisciplinary intelligence, unprecedented health risk assessment, health management consulting, weight control, and Healthconn Awareness Journey services.


Provide Customized Disease Prevention and Health Management

Includes: nutritional genomics, exercise prescriptions, lifestyle optimization, personalized health improvement plans, exclusive health manager services, and result-oriented effects. Through implementing behavioral changes and the above mentioned, health promotion may be achieved.

Service Highlights

One-stop Services

We use big data and health risk assessment to systematically provide health grading, smart cloud management of individual health, and real-time consultation. We then recommend year-round solutions for disease prevention health management services.

Health Promotion

We provide customized lifestyle optimization solutions for the four dimensions of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sound sleep.

Food Safety Detection


Oncogene Detection


Molecular Biology Detection


Bacteriological Examination


Health Alliance

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