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Healthconn Preventive Medicine
An Expert in Collecting, Analyzing, and Applying Health-Related Big Data

Genes store the entire script of an organism's biological functions; they change their expressions and functions according to variations in external factors. Precision medicine views innate genes, along with acquired living environment and lifestyle as the three major elements in determining a person's health. Healthconn believes that emphasis must be placed on the three major elements to decipher, understand, and maintain or promote health.


Precision Medicine Prompts Intelligent Health

The group has many advantages in modern technologies such as the cloud, mobile devices, IoT, big data, intelligence, network, and robotics. Healthconn employs machines and systems for complex data collection, analysis, and processing. It saves a significant amount of time so Healthconn’s professional staffs may provide compassionate, precise, efficient, feasible, effective, and face-to-face health services. Our view of preventive medicine is not limited to performing annual health checkups, but to provide comprehensive health management precision solutions throughout the lifecycle, all year round.


Comprehensive Health Management

A Trustworthy Life Partner Responsible for the health of the Entire Family Healthconn concentrates on precised preventive medicine and aims to serve as a trustworthy health partner in the lifetime of the entire family, specifically in helping to prevent diseases, maintain health, and pursue happy golden years in senior years. Healthconn is convinced that under the guidance and motivation of CEO, we can define an innovative path to contribute to human health.


Health Advancing with Time


Comprehensive analytical results based on lifestyle data yielded by technologies, interdisciplinary intelligence, unprecedented health risk assessment, health management consulting, weight control, and Healthconn Awareness Journey services.


Provide Customized Disease Prevention and Health Management

Includes: nutritional genomics, exercise prescriptions, lifestyle optimization, personalized health improvement plans, exclusive health manager services, and result-oriented effects. Through implementing behavioral changes and the above mentioned, health promotion may be achieved.

Service Highlights

One-stop Services

We use big data and health risk assessment to systematically provide health grading, smart cloud management of individual health, and real-time consultation. We then recommend year-round solutions for disease prevention health management services.

Health Promotion

We provide customized lifestyle optimization solutions for the four dimensions of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sound sleep.


提供一站式的高品質檢測及顧問式管理服務,超過六百項的檢測項目,結合現場稽核、風險管理、供應商管理與品質管理等服務,從源頭把關。實驗室為TAF全國認證基金會認證實驗室 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 認證編號:3406











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