Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Dear VIP:

To respect the privacy of our VIPs and protect all personal data, we hereby declare our method for collecting users' online personal data, scope, usage, search, or correction methods adopted by Healthconn and its affiliates. The following statements apply to the following associated websites but not to other linked websites or webpages linked. Healthconn is not responsible for any joint liability. Please refer to privacy policies of each website or webpage.


  • Collection of personal data strictly adheres to specifications in ROC's Personal Information Protection Act.
  • If you are strictly browsing website information, Healthconn will not collect your personal data. The website will not collect any of your personal data under uninformed circumstances.

If you wish to learn about the Company's products or need to contact us, Healthconn will ask for your personal data (i.e., name, gender, age, email, contact phone number, and contact address), in order to facilitate subsequent contact and service needs. Once submitted, you agree to have Healthconn, or whose affiliated corporations store or manage your data. The purpose is to contact you regarding the health checkup reservation process and to assist and provide you a complete personal health management service. When related data is not mandatory, your rights will not be affected if you do not provide the item. If specific data field is mandatory, relevant product and service may not be accessed if the data is not provided.

  • This policy will be timely revised. Please read online at any time to protect your rights.
  • This privacy policy is immediately effective once you fill out your data. If you have any questions regarding Healthconn website's privacy policy or personal data, you are welcome to send an email to Healthconn’s customer service mailbox.
  • If you need to search, browse, make a copy, add or correct data, stop computer processing and use, or delete your personal data, you may email Healthconn’s customer service mailbox. and we will process the request immediately. If you proposed the aforementioned request, you are deemed to have applied for termination on the usage of Healthconn website and all its services.
  • To provide you with the most suitable and complete health management services and assist you in establishing correct health protection concepts, you agree and permit the Company and whose affiliated corporations or cooperative partners to use the personal data you provided. That is, within the aforementioned scope of necessity, and under the permission of the laws during the Company's operating period and area.
  • Please secure your personal data and do not provide any personal data to anybody. After you complete the online reservation data and relevant data change procedures, please remember to log out. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from collecting and using your personal data. All internet public behaviors shall adhere to domestic and foreign legal specifications and be fully liable for all conditions pertaining to personal accounts and passwords.

Your use of the website may not violate the law and involve any misconduct. You may not use the website to initiate any unlawful behavior and may not email or send any unlawful information or data to the website.

Limited Gguarantee

Any information and data contained on this website and other websites linked to this site, including text, graphic, or other items that can be modified or updated will not be separately notified and will all be provided in the current situation. Healthconn does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these information and data, and will not provide any indication, expression, statutory statements or guarantees (including, but are not limited to guarantees of no infringement, ownership, marketability, quality, suitability for specific applications, and free of computer viruses).

  1. Personal data acquired by the website are strictly provided for internal objective and scope of applications according to the original description. Unless stated in advance or according to relevant legal specifications, the website will not provide user's personal data to third parties or use the data for other purposes. All internal staff is strictly prohibited from using these data without permission.
  2. After you submit the data, the Company and whose affiliated corporations will investigate, analyze, and use any related data you provided, including email address, mobile phone number, and phone number.