Reliable Health Partners

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One-stop Comprehensive Health Service

To Achieve Completeness in Details

  • Comprehensive Emergency Medical Care Assistance
  • Medical Referral
  • Registration/Accompanied Visits
  • Inpatient Visit & Follow-up
  • Personalized Precision Health Check-up Plan
  • Personalized Precision Health Check-up Plan
  • Health Data Management
  • Healthconn AwareNESS Journey
  • Home Environment Health Management




New Generation P4 Health Management Service

  • Disease Prediction: Genes and Risk Factors Analyses in Prediction of Morbidity Risk
  • Disease Prevention: Illness Prevention and Understanding of the Key to Health
  • Personalized Healthcare: Customized Disease Prevention and Follow-Up Consultation
  • Participation: Autonomous and Participatory Improvement of Healthy Lifestyle

Seamless Health Management

Drinking water, air, and food inspections are provided. Improvement recommendations will be given based on inspection results, in order to achieve an optimized home environment. These include:

  • Clean air
  • Clean water
  • Safe food

Health Experience Courses

The team of professionals teaches health autonomy and participatory diet, nutrition, stress management, and good sleep activities. They encourage a healthy lifestyle through holding interactive, experiential group courses.

Diverse Health Activities

  • Diet Adjustment & Nutrition Supplement
  • Vegetarian Detox Diet Plan
  • Fitness Testing and Exercise Instructions
  • Emotions and Positive Thinking Guidance
  • Sleep Improvement and Aromatherapy
  • Wine Tasting, Social Interaction

Time for Health

Finely Selected Preventive Courses

  • Stress Relief and Good Sleep
  • Metabolism and Weight Control

Smart Health Management Cloud

A compilation of personal medical records, family and lifestyle, health expert records, IoT health data, and personal genetic data is collected, organized, and used to assess health risk. Discrete health information serve as reminders to provide real-time remote care.