Health Information Integration,
Predict & Prevent Diseases

Healthconn utilizes special IT technology to collect personal health information, and subsequently creates O2O applied health solution services through risk assessments and expert teamwork, altogether innovates 24/7/365 smart health management services.


Lack of Regular Exercise


Adult Obesity and Overweight Problems


Sedentary for More than 6 Hours/Day

Becoming a Better Self

As courses at Healthconn focus on nutritional counseling and escape the boundary between online and offline -meaning they are not limited to one or the other-, we intend to develop a lifestyle supermarket and diet tips that take nutritional concepts out of books and to your heart.

The Professional Team that Brings You on an Exclusive Healthconn Awareness Journey

We provide a complete concept and individualized lifestyle optimization solution for NESS (Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and Sleep Management), leading our clients on a journey to physical and spiritual balance, ultimately reaching excellent health.

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