Health Information Integration,
Predict & Prevent Diseases

Healthconn utilizes special IT technology to collect personal health information, and subsequently creates O2O applied health solution services through risk assessments and expert teamwork, altogether innovates 24/7/365 smart health management services.


Lack of Regular Exercise


Adult Obesity and Overweight Problems


Sedentary for More than 6 Hours/Day

Your Exclusive Health Partner

We excel in managing and analyzing your health profile.
It allows us to devise complete health management and prevention solutions, and provide services that are appropriate to you.

Becoming a Better Self

As courses at Healthconn focus on nutritional counseling and escape the boundary between online and offline -meaning they are not limited to one or the other-, we intend to develop a lifestyle supermarket and diet tips that take nutritional concepts out of books and to your heart.

The Professional Team that Brings You on an Exclusive Healthconn Awareness Journey

We provide a complete concept and individualized lifestyle optimization solution for NESS (Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, and Sleep Management), leading our clients on a journey to physical and spiritual balance, ultimately reaching excellent health.




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Health Knowledge



【廖晏瑩/營養師】 環境荷爾蒙的毒害正大舉侵入我們的生活周遭,其中最常見的就是塑化劑、防腐劑和清潔劑三大類,舉凡吃飯用的免洗餐具、加工食品、各式飲料等,抑或日常用的清潔用品、化妝保...