Healthconn Nature Tour

Our professional team uses fun and easy health activities to examine the lifestyle of each individual. We provide a complete and personalized lifestyle optimization solution that embodies NESS (Nutrition, Exercise,Stress Management and Sleep). With these tools, we guide our VIPs in adjusting their living habits and finding a balance between their physical and spiritual health.

Relaxation of the Body and Mind

Based on the four major health themes of NESS, the Healthconn Awareness Journey is suitable for the participation of all cohortsand types, whether be it company groups or family trips.


NutritionNutrition Management

A team of professionals plans whole-food meals that are both healthy and delicious. These meals deliver the concept of nutritional balance and help you manage your own health easily.

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ExerciseExercise Management

The team of professionals helps you use simple exercises to relax tight muscles and engage in a conversation with your tired body.

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StressStress Management

The team of professionals teaches you various methods of relieving emotional pressure accumulated during weekdays and enables your body and mind to return to a placid state.

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SleepSleep Management

We examine the causes of sleep disorders before providing solutions to give you sweet dreams.

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