Personal Health

We provide 1+364-day precision health management platform and services, including comprehensive health screening, health risk prediction & analysis and health promotion to safeguard your health.

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Corporate Health

Corporate happiness lies in the health of its employees. Employee health improvement not only promotes corporate productivity, but also reduces corporate overhead. Healthconn differentiates between company attributes, budget, work patterns, age distributions, and gender, then produces exclusive tailor-made corporate health management solutions. Besides providing complete health services to our employees, we also hold briefing sessions to ensure high-quality, competitive consulting assistance to corporations.

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Presently, the emphasis is placed on Smart Health 365 Seamless Health Management, which is an all-year-round health management service. This scientific health management method will reduce health risk factors, improve health and quality of and life, achieve the health objectives of the human lifecycle, reduce sickness, and maintain health.


Health Promotion


Nutritionnutrition  management

Healthconn uses preventive medicine to create personal health blueprints. It formulates a variety of healthy meals based on personal body constituents. We devise personal weight control plans in accordance to individuals’ physiological conditions and achieve comprehensive nutritional management.



Exerciseexercise  management

We determine the individual’s current physical condition, prevent potential exercise injuries and risks, provide personalized exercise prescriptions, strengthen weaker physical fitness areas, and assess before-and-after effects of exercises.



Stressstress  management

Those Who Understand Stress Management Turn Negativity into Positivity Stress is a physiological, emotional, and behavioral reaction generated by cognitive thinking in response to internal/external environmental factors. Effective stress management improves mental health through systematic, contextual, and adaptive prevention and adjustment.



Sleepsleep  management

Sleep accounts for over one third of one’s life. It is a crucial period for resting and repairing one’s body. Good sleep quality improves one’s health and mood. Conversely, poor sleep quality results in physical exhaustion and anxiety. Our health promotion model assesses one’s physiological age, sleep requirements, living environment, and work pattern.


Oral Care

World Health Organization (WHO) proposed the 80/20 Plan in 2011, stating that at least 20 normally functioning teeth are required to maintain efficient masticatory and gastrointestinal function at the age of 80. Additionally, among other systemic diseases, periodontal disease is correlated with diabetes, heart and joint diseases. Oral health cannot be overlooked. As healthy teeth last a lifetime, Healthconn recommends that you seek timely and adequate oral care. Through improving lifestyle and health awareness, one will be able to improve the health of teeth and the strength of body.